Christmas Decorations

2017 Christmas Catalog

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LB International offers a wide variety of Inflatables ranging from 4' to 10'. Santa, Snowman, Penguins, Christmas Trees, Teddy Bears, Ornament Balls, and Puppy Dogs are just some of the many Inflatables we carry.
Lawn Decor
LB Internationals Lawn Decor is sure to satisfy all your stores needs. LB International offers a great selection of wide ranging Christmas Lawn Decor items. Customers are sure to find something they will like!
Artificial Trees & Floral
LB International provides different types of Artificial Trees for different types of Consumers. From 4' to 10', or Green to White, we are sure your customers will find something that suites there needs!
Table Tops
Make your store look great this Christmas with LB Internationals Table Top Trees. These Trees are sure to grab your customers attention. Trees offered range from 12" to 72".
Tinsel Garland & Tree Ribbon
LB International has a wide selection of Tinsel and Tree Ribbon, making it easy for your customers to find what they need.
Cotton Batting
LB International supplies many different selections of Cotton Batting for you to offer to your consumers.
Stockings & Skirts
Tree Skirts from 48" to 58". Stocking's from 5 1/2 " to 19". We also have Santa Hats, Santa face hats, Penguin Face hats, Snowman face hats and velvet gloves. Browse our catalog to see more!
Light Sets
LB International carries a large selection of different Christmas Lights. We have clear, multi, red, green, gold, and blue.
Decorating Accessories
LB International carries all your Christmas decorating needs
Nativity Scene
LB International Carries a wide selection of Nativity Scenes